Fire and EMS Caucus Policy Briefing

Fire and EMS Caucus

September 19, 2022 | 10 a.m.

Virtual via Zoom 


Opening Statements

Senator Pat Stefano, Co-Chair

Senator Katie Muth, Co-Chair

Senator Lindsey Williams, Co-Chair



Charles “Chaz” McGarvey, Acting State Fire Commissioner
Office of the State Fire Commissioner

Jerry Ozog, Executive Director
PA Fire & Emergency Services Institute

Tom Santana, Legislative Consultant
Firefighters Association of the State of PA

Dustin Ulrich, President
PA Career Fire Chiefs Association

Kevin Ressler, Recording Secretary
Jack Gaffney, Eastern Vice-President
PA Professional Fire Fighters Association


Don DeReamus, Legislative Chair
Heather Sharrar, Executive Director
Ambulance Association of PA

David Jones, President
Janette Swade, Executive Director
PA Emergency Health Services Council